Peter Enns


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Peter Enns has a Ph.D. from Harvard and occupies an endowed chair at his university, but he talks and writes like a normal person who loves God (and baseball) and is trying to follow Jesus day to day. 

Pete’s deep curiosity about the Bible led to questions that get to core issues of faith, but that are often taken for granted. Questions like: 

  • What is the Bible anyway?
  • What are we supposed to do with a book like this?
  • Why should we care about the Bible at all?
  • What is God up to in the world?
  • What does God really want of us here and now?

Pete’s courage to work through tough questions rather than avoid them cost him his teaching job, and nearly his own faith, until he saw that the process was deepening his faith in new and unexpected ways. 

Now, Pete is passionate about helping us see the Bible from fresh angles to deepen our faith,  to free us to bring our doubts, fears, and questions to God, and to show us that asking our deepest and most frightening questions of faith is part of our spiritual journey...not the end!

Here are a few ways Pete can help you understand scripture and God:

  • Struggling with doubt is normal, biblical, and beneficial
  • Dealing with “Uh Oh” moments that make it hard to stay Christian 
  • What to do about all the violence in the Bible
  • How evolution and Christian faith can get along
  • The biblical writers as storytellers, not historians
  • Teaching the Bible to children
  • The Bible and the life of the church
  • Why Christians should pay attention to the Old Testament
  • The spiritual value of a Bible that contradicts itself