Frequently Asked Questions

I have never booked a speaker or artist before. Where do I start?

If you know what speaker or artist you are interested in, check the BOOKING INQUIRY button on the speakers page and fill in the information requested. When you have completely filled out the BOOKING INQUIRY, press SUBMIT FORM. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and someone from our office will contact you within 24 hours. If you are not sure which speaker or artist you are interested in, we would suggest reading through their bios and looking at their websites. If there is a video or audio recording, we suggest you watch or listen to what is provided. 

I have picked a speaker or artist. What happens next?

Once you and your agent have selected a speaker or artist, the date, and made financial arrangements, your agent will contact the speaker or artist to confirm the date. Upon confirmation, your agent will issue a Contract and Appearance Rider and the appropriate W-9s. After completing the details, sign the documents, scan and e-mail them back to Then mail the document hard copies along with a check for the contracted deposit amount. Your date is not officially confirmed until the contract and deposit are received. After our office receives the signed documents and deposits the check, we will sign and scan the documents and send you the final executed copies.

How do I obtain promotional material?

A photograph and bio will be sent to you at the time you receive your Contract and Appearance Rider. You must use the picture(s) provided from our office. For example, you cannot go online and use an unapproved photo.

What does the speaker or artist honorarium or guarantee include?

This varies. Your contract will include details of what the author or speaker will do while they are with you. It is important to discuss specific plans with your agent before the contract is issued. If you want to add an event after the contract is issued, please contact your agent for approval. Additional events may result in additional fees.

Who books travel for the speaker or artist?

Each speaker or artist handles booking travel differently. The Appearance Rider that you will receive with your contract will include specific details.

Why can’t the speaker or artist come for a love offering?

Each of the speakers or artists we represent have ministries with monthly financial obligations. Therefore we have an honorarium established so they can budget accordingly.