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Mihee Kim Kort


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After seminary, Mihee was ordained as a Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister with degrees in divinity and theology from Princeton Theological Seminary and English Literature and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is currently a PhD student in Religious Studies at IU with research interests in American evangelicalism, race, and politics.

Since finishing her education Mihee has been busy! She has written four books:  Yoked:  Stories of a Clergy Couple in Marriage, Family and Ministry, Streams Run Uphill:  Conversations with Young Clergywomen of Color, and Making Paper Cranes:  Toward an Asian American Feminist Theology. Her most recent book is Outside the Lines: How Embracing Queerness Will Transform Your Faith (Fortress Press). She can also be found on platforms across the US as a keynote speaker for conferences, colleges/Universities, retreats and churches.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Mihee’s day job includes: juggling her time as a wife to another Presbyterian minister, a mother of three (7 year old boy/girl twins and a 5 year old boy), itinerant preaching, ministering to college students and young adults, rabble-rousing around Bloomington, IN and liking too many posts on Facebook and admiring people on Twitter and Instagram.

Speaking Topics Include:

"Outside The Lines" 

How do we live our faith outside the lines of category and definition? I share stories -- personal, historical, cultural, and theological --- about the boundary-breaking love of God and what it means for us as followers of Jesus as we try to work and move in meaningful ways through this world. 

Keywords: Hospitality, Solidarity, Mutuality, God's Kingdom, The Woman at the Well, Purity, (Queerness, if applicable or desirable) 

"Make Me A Sanctuary"

In an age where we are wrestling with borders of all kinds, including our southern border in Texas and issues of immigration, what does it mean to provide sanctuary? What is the sanctuary movement in the US? How do we theologically engage and understand immigration, citizenship, and humanity, and what does it mean for us to understand all of our live as a sanctuary and refuge for those on the margins? How is this tied into our vocation as followers of Christ? I engage the stories of Hagar, Ruth, the Syro-Phoenician Woman, and the Good Samaritan Parable, as well as stories about US immigration.  

Keywords: Immigration, Sanctuary, Liberation, Vocation, Family/Parenting

"Making Paper Cranes"

What is Asian American Feminist Theology, and how is relevant and applicable to the wider faith community? I share stories about Asian American struggles and identity, feminist theological narratives, and a theology of the body, presence, and Holy Spirit, and what it means to do this work in solidarity with other people of color theologies. 

Keywords: Asian American, Holy Spirit, Feminism, Identity