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Jamie Wright (better known in some circles as Jamie the Very Worst Missionary) is an Author, blogger, and speaker made popular by her passion to challenge the status quo within the Church, in particular, calling for financial, ethical, and personal transparency from the modern Christian Missions movement. With blunt honesty and sharp humor, Jamie speaks candidly from her personal experiences as a woman, mother, pastor's wife, and missionary abroad, boldly laying out the messy realities of life and faith, the true cost of justice, and the real price of grace.

Variously described as refreshing, disarming, relatable, approachable, authentic, and hilarious, Jamie  speaks and writes the way she talks with a good friend over a hot cup of coffee. Her unique voice and fresh perspective have allowed her to connect meaningfully with an immensely diverse audience. She is polished enough for the suburban soccer mom, but gritty enough for the urban sex-worker, with just enough nerd to interest the academic theology geek, and a vocabulary to make the reddest of rednecks blush; Jamie invites everyone to the table. She makes space for us to examine our practices and the attitudes that drive them, encouraging a healthier interchange between the Church and the world.

Jamie has traveled the globe as a writer and/or speaker for non-profit organizations, such as World Vision, The Exodus Road, and the Jordanian Tourism Board. She has been invited to speak at churches, universities, and conferences across North America, including Christianity 21, Epiphaneia: Survival of the Weakest, George Fox University, Gardner Webb University, Broom Colloquium: Abilene Christian University, and Hardin Simmons University, as well as many women's events, and as Emcee for charity fundraisers.

When she's not airport hopping, Jamie can be found at home in Northern California where she spends most of her time procrastinating. Her first memoir, The Very Worst Missionary: A Memoir or Whatever, is available April 2018 (Convergent).

A few favorites:

Social Justice in a Social Media World: We are more aware, more compassionate, and more socially responsible than ever before, but are we really changing the world with insightful Facebook posts, clever tweets, and perfectly framed Instagram photos? Not really. So how do we translate all this knowledge, passion, and energy into a significantly better world?

Make Missions Make Sense: A close look at the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain stupid things we do in the name of Christian Missions, and some sensible (and shocking) ideas for how to do it better, and affect real, lasting change on a global level.

Me Too: Two little words that have the power to change everything.