Mike & Sally Breen


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Mike and Sally have walked together in ministry for the last 38 years. They love to teach together about their different perspectives on living life as a family on mission.

Mike is an excellent biblical scholar, theologian and practitioner while Sally brings a practical and insightful wisdom.

They have together pioneered the concept of Missional Communities first in the 80’s in the tough inner city of London and then continued to practice and refine this method of reaching a community and network throughout the next 30 years. In addition to his calling as a church planter and pastor, Mike has authored over 20 books including the best selling, Family on Mission which he co- authored with Sally (3DM Publishing 2014), Building a Discipling Culture (3DM Publishing, 2011), Covenant and Kingdom (3DM, 2010), and the three books in A Passionate Life series (Cook Communications, 2005).

While Mike and Sally normally travel as a team, Sally is an innovator in her own right. Having spoken at most of the places that Mike has visited, she covers topics for women’s and mixed groups around the world. Her topics range from The Integrated life, The Faithfulness of God, Children, Marriage, and Dating (with or without Mike), The Rhythm of Life, Health patterns, Family on Mission. Mike and Sally live in South Carolina, where they founded 3DM, a movement/organization which has now spread to 5 continents, training thousands of leaders and churches in how to move to a discipling culture and missional mindset.

They recently moved to Greenville where they enjoy bike rides, exploring new coffee shops, spending time with their kids and grandkids and investing in the people in their neighborhood.