Kerlin Richter 


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Rev. Kerlin Richter is currently the Rector of Saint David of Wales Episcopal Church in Portland, Oregon. For two years she was the founding priest of Bushwick Abbey, a new creative Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, NY.

When she stands in front of an audience one is captivated by her story of falling madly in love with Jesus, the Bible and church in her early 20’s when she was already a tattooed opinionated feminist. “Jesus healed me of apathy as much as he healed any leper on any road to Jerusalem…” she recently told the capacity audience at the Why Christian? Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Kerlin is the former Editor of Hip Mama, a counter-cultural feminist parenting zine, Additionally she has been a painter, a writer, a substitute teacher, a waitress, a librarian, a personal assistant, a tax preparer, an ice-cream scooper, an art restorer, a barista, a nanny, an accounts receivable clerk, a potter, an art supply seller, a dishwasher, and a graphic designer.

But now, she says, she is bone-achingly grateful to be a priest.

And why is this? It’s because Kerlin is now “…working for something so much larger and more magnificent than can be seen…spending life delving deeper into the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, and seeing this earthy church as a beautifully expressive poem of that very truth.”

Kerlin is a passionate lover of Jesus, She plumbs the depths of our ancient and precious stories and practices, and tethers them to this beautiful and broken world we live in, to anchor our lives to the story of love. She is a space maker, a people connector, and a liturgical poet.

She married the nice guy from the bar 13 years ago and is the mother of an 11 year old Rubik’s cube addict with impeccable fashion sense.