Christian Piatt 


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Christian Piatt had a Bible (literally) thrown at him when he was kicked out of his youth group for asking too many questions about God, Jesus, and the Christian faith that he would end up running from for much of his life. After painstakingly regaining his faith, this author, speaker, preacher, musician, spoken word artist and editor received a God-given platform to help reconcile what Christianity claims to be with what it’s intended to be.

Over the past 12 years Christian has utilized his many talents (either separately or together) to creatively expand his sphere of influence from the podiums of Chapman and Texas Christian University, to the chapels of Drury, Jarvis Christian and Culver-Stockton College, and to the stages of The Wild Goose Festival and the Soularize Conference. Wherever Christian is, his words, music and spoken word poetry minister deeply to a generation of young people who are defecting from religion in response to years of hypocrisy and abuse.

In addition to his personal appearances he reaches a larger and more diverse audience through his on-air appearances on Carol Howard Merritt’s God Complex Radio, Doug Pagitt’s Radio Show, State of Belief Radio with Welton Gaddy or as the co-host of Homebrewed Christianity’s CultureCast.

 In 2004, Christian co-founded Milagro Christian Church in Pueblo, Colorado with his wife, Rev. Amy Piatt. Currently he serves as the Director of Premium Content for the interfaith website, Patheos, and as the Director of Growth and Development for First Christian Church (DOC) in Portland, Oregon.

 Christian is the creator and editor of the Banned Questions book series, which include Banned Questions About the BibleBanned Questions About Jesus and Banned Questions About Christians . He co-created and co-edited the WTF: Where’s the Faith? young adult series with Chalice Press, for which he also co-edited the book  Split Ticket: Independent Faith in a Time of Partisan Politics, and contributed a chapter to Oh God, Oh God, Oh God: Young Adults Speak Out About Sexuality and Christianity.

Christian’s first book, LOST: A Search for Meaning,  came out in 2006, followed by MySpace to Sacred Space: God for a New Generation in 2007, which was co-authored with his wife, Amy. In 2012 Chalice Press published his memoir on faith, family and parenting called PregMANcy: A Dad, a Little Dude and a Due Date. In August 2014 Jericho will release Piatt’s first hardcover book called postChristian: What’s Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care?