Austin Channing Brown


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Austin Channing Brown began her journey as a racial reconciler in college with an experience called Sankofa–a three-day bus trip exploring black history sites throughout the South. On this pilgrimage that she came face-to-face with her own history, shared the experience with others, and–for the first time in her life–watched friends become transformed by learning about African American history and racism.

 Austin earned a master’s degree in social justice from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan. Building on the foundation of her graduate work, she directed a short-term missions site on the west side of Chicago, creating interactive opportunities for youth to engage issues of poverty, injustice. She also served on staff with Willow Creek Community Church, developing strategies and programming around multiculturalism. She then served as resident director and multicultural liaison for three years at Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, working closely with millennials.  

 Austin travels the country through out the year sharing her message at universities, conferences, nonprofit organizations and churches. She has been featured at the Justice Conference, Why Christian Conference, Christians for Biblical Equality International Conference, the CCDA National Conference, the Festival of Faith & Writing, Taylor University, Concordia University and more.

 Racial justice, reconciliation, and black womanhood have continued to be the core of her message. She writes about these topics on her popular blog She has also contributed to Sojourners, Relevant, Her.maneutics, A Higher Calling and various publications. Austin is very excited about releasing her first book in spring 2018 with Convergent Books.

 She is married to her best friend, Tommie, an attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and adores her little puppy.